Price list


Prices of summer houses with the bedrooms on the attic of 27,270.00 zł + Vat


Prices of summer bungalow of 14,135.00 zł + Vat


Price of all year houses made by investor project for 1m2 building from 1,270,00 + Vat



Price skeletal houses is strictly dependent on the standard of finish for which customer chooses. Prices per 1m2 starting from 1270 zł in an open shell building. However, it is possible to comprehensive realization, where the house is completely finished inside and outside. Each house is priced individually depending on the complexity of the structural system, type of roof, balconies and additional elements etc. The scope of our work and pricing always try to adapt to individual needs and financial capabilities of each customer. We always offer advice and assistance in purchasing and supply finishing materials in promotional prices. Our installers will also focus on performing plumbing and electrical.




1-Wełna mineralna 150mm -mineral wool 150mm

2-paroizolacja- vapor barrier foil

3- płyta OSB-  OSB board

4- tynk - acrylic or mineral plaster

5- styropian-Styrofoam

6-Wiatroizolacja- wind barrier foil

7-płyta gipsowo-kartonowa- plasterboard

8-Szkielet drewniany- Wooden skeleton 150x60




1-tynk zewnętrzny- outside plaster

2-Płyta GKB – GKB board

3-płyta OSB- OSB board

4-folia paroizolacyjna- vapor barrier foil

5-wełna mineralna- mineral wool

6-drewno konstrukcyjne- structural wood

7płyta OSB- OSB board

8-wiatroizolacyjna folia- wind barrier foil

9-styropian- styrofoam

10- siatka z klejem-net with glue



Hat-Bud Wooden houses, Houses skeleton